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We specialize in the development, integration, installation and maintenance of a range of system management solutions. Based on the accumulated experience of more than 20 years, they cover a wide range of projects, including:

Environment Protection

  • Water recycling and oil separation systems for vehicles and AFVs to protect the environment and save water. Recycling is performed by constructing a technological system that separates the oil, fuel and sludge, with the filtered water transferred for reuse as clean water and the remaining liquids suctioned for further recycling and transfer to waste disposal systems.
  • Asbestos removal systems for vehicles, APCs and generators which protect the environment from asbestos, a carcinogen that is harmful to both the environment and humans.

Task-Oriented Solutions
Electronic and electro-mechanic systems for defense and homeland security purposes. Typical examples include product, baggage and people scanning glasses, CT/X-ray glasses, vehicle inspection systems, face recognition systems, explosive detectors, electronic accelerators, LPR systems, biometric and entrance control systems, satellite phones, autonomous mobile antennas, CCTV systems and command and control systems.

Logistics Management
Professional market, warehouse and manpower management in regular and emergency situations. We manage the protection kit market for the civilian population in Israel and the publishing warehouses of the Israel Ministry of Defense. This includes all overall logistic activities, including the distribution and supply chain for 50 nationwide warehouses, that cover a total storage area of about 70 thousand square meters.