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We specialize in the characterization, development, implementation, operation, management and maintenance of an extensive range of training facilities and solutions. The following are some typical examples:

  • Training in Organization Processes: Simulation and building of training scenarios, including the initiation and control of inter-organizational processes between various levels in the organization, from a single division to senior management.
  • Training Fields: Mobile and stationary shooting ranges, including customized engineering design, infrastructure drawings, system integration and customer training.
  • Scenario Direction: Characterizing client needs, writing scripts, directing and producing scenarios, including enemy/opposition simulations for training personnel, running the scenarios and simulating the training environment.
  • Training on Designated Platforms: Learning and test solutions for designated platforms such as tactical headquarter vehicles and mobile/portable trailers for a variety of purposes.
  • Training for Complex Technological Systems: Server rooms, network security cameras, communication and audiovisual systems and secure operation and logistics centers.
  • Unilateral Training Products: Laser system-based products for all divisions of combat forces and pyrotechnical products for training.
  • Orientation Programs: Fitness and measurement of professional divisions, military and semi-military units, and building of training processes.