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Wherever you are.
Whatever the situation.
We support decision-making processes.


We develop advanced, state-of-the-art, customized platforms and solutions that support decision-making processes to optimize effectiveness. Based on a unique decision-making methodology ideally suited for crisis management, they turn information into knowledge.

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We support HLS decision-makers and first-line responders in their readiness to deal with multiple scenarios during real-time emergencies, ensuring that they are ready to make crucial decisions in real time, when it counts.

Read more about DSS4HLS (Decision Support System for Homeland Security); CRPM (Competence Readiness and Performance Management) for HLS personnel; and SAS (Synthetic Arena Simulator).


We support military personnel and decision-makers in their readiness to deal with any combat scenario. By integrating simulative and constructive components, sophisticated gaming systems and live assets, we optimize battlefield training environments and deliver a complete training experience for all personnel involved.
Read more about CRPM (Competence Readiness and Performance Management) for defense personnel; LVC  (Live, Virtual and Constructive) platform, which brings the battlefield to the trainee; Kings Game, our large-scale constructive simulation system; and AR/VR Simulators for optimal training of defense personnel.




We support enterprise management and HR decision-makers in their readiness to meet business challenges and deliver quality management at all organization levels.
Read more about CRPM (Competence Readiness and Performance Management) for enterprise personnel and TMS (Talent Management System) for the management of human resources.





Our solutions deliver data-driven insights that support healthcare organizations in providing more efficient care for their patients. Read more about how DSS4MED (Decision Support System for Medical Personnel) automates care management to meet the demands of healthcare decision makers.